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Welcome to the Weather Champs crowdfunding campaign! Weather Champs is being built by and for the weather enthusiast community and we need your help to make it a reality. All PRODUCERS who support the launch of the app will score some cool REWARDS! Contribute today and join us in our mission to shape the future of weather forecasting.

Click HERE to learn more about our project and where we're headed.

What's In It

Pledge $20 

You're a Weather Champ!

Every dollar counts and we can't thank you enough for the support! Register on our website for news letter updates, beta trial access and you'll receive 1,000 BONUS Forecast Coins once you've installed the prototype version of the iOS app.


  • Huge Thank You!

  • 1,000 Forecast Coin BONUS

Rotating Cloud

Pledge $50

Associate Producer


Thank you again! This option makes you an Associate Producer of the app. You will have the option of having your name listed on the Associate Producer list on our website and you'll also receive an exclusive Weather Champs die-cut sticker! Plus, when you register an account, you will receive 5,000 BONUS Forecast Coins.


  • Huge Thank You!

  • Weather Champs 3" x 3" Sticker

  • Name Listed On Website

  • 5,000 Forecast Coin BONUS


Pledge $100 

Junior Associate Producer

This level of support makes you a Associate Producer of the app.  In addition to the Junior Associate rewards, we'll send you one of our super soft first edition Weather Champs t-shirts so you can flaunt your support of Weather Champs around town.  You'll also receive 10,000 BONUS Forecast Coins when you register a Weather Champs account and 6 months of 3X Game Pass to enhance your experience earning Forecast Coins.


  • Weather Champs 3" x 3" Sticker

  • Super Soft Weather Champs T-shirt

  • Name Listed On Website

  • 10,000 Forecast Coins

  • 6 Months 3X Game Pass (Disclaimer)

Image by Glenn Abelson

Pledge $250 

Senior Associate Producer


As a Senior Associate Producer you'll receive all the rewards of Junior Associate PLUS WeatherFlow WINDmeter and 12 Months 3x Game Pass to enhance your experience earning Forecast Coins. You'll also receive 25,000 BONUS Forecast Coins when you register your Weather Champs account on the app.



  • Weather Champs 3" x 3" Sticker

  • Super Soft Weather Champs T-shirt

  • Name Listed On Website

  • 25,000 Forecast Coins

  • WeatherFlow WINDmeter ($59.95 Value)

  • 12 Months of 3X Game Pass (Disclaimer)


Pledge $500 

Junior Executive Producer

In addition to all the rewards mentioned in the Senior Associate Level, Junior Executive Producers will receive 6 months 5X Game Pass to enhance your experience earning Forecast Coins and 6 month premium subscription with enhanced weather features.  Also, you receive a WeatherFlow WEATHERmeter which is a highly accurate handheld device used with your smartphone to measure wind, temperature, humidity and pressure.  You'll have the option of having their name listed in the app AND you'll also receive 50,000 BONUS Forecast coins when you register an account on the Weather Champs app. You'll also receive our exclusive Weather Champs hoodie to keep you warm in style.


Droplets on the Window

Pledge $1,000 

Executive Producer

You'll receive all the Junior Executive Producers benefits, but instead of the WeatherFlow WEATHERmeter, the Senior Executive producership level will grant you the meticulously designed Tempest Weather System which leverages powerful machine learning and state-of-the-art modeling capabilities to provide the most precise, local forecast available. Also, Instead of 50,000 Forecast coins when you register, you'll receive 100,000 and to top it off you get 6 months of 10x Game Pass and 12 Months Premium Subscription.


  • Weather Champs 3" x 3" Sticker

  • Super Soft Weather Champs T-shirt

  • Exclusive Weather Champs™ Hoodie

  • 100,000 Forecast Coins

  • Name Listed On Website

  • Name Listed In App

  • Tempest Weather System ($329.00 Value)

  • 6 Months of 10x Game Pass (Disclaimer)

  • 12 Months Premium Subscription (Disclaimer)

Hurricane Map

Pledge $1,500 

Senior Executive Producer

We're pulling out all the stops for Senior Executive Producers. Senior Executive Producers will enjoy all the rewards of the Executive Producer, but instead of the 12 months Premium Subscription this level comes with a Premium Subscription for life. In addition to the Tempest Weather System, this level also comes with the Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller (8 Zone)! You'll also receive 200,000 BONUS Forecast Coins when you register your Weather Champs account.  Only 10 of these available.


Beautiful Sunset

Pledge $6,000 

Business Sponsorship Package

If you're a business owner and are seeking a unique way to broaden the awareness of your brand or product, this package is for you!  Sponsorships are visible to a global audience of Weather Champs users and we can design the ad to link directly to your website to drive sales.  This package will provide 12 months of in-app sponsorships in rotation with other sponsors.  This includes Sponsored Contests and eventually other ad placements. 

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Become A Producer


Support our project by becoming a producer!

A New Kind of Weather App

You may not realize it but everyone thinks or talks about the weather every day. For individuals and businesses worldwide, the weather is a critical factor in daily life planning. It’s also a casual conversation starter for friends, co-workers and strangers alike. For centuries, we have accumulated more data on the weather than any other science; yet it’s still a mystery. 

We think we can predict it, but sometimes it fools even the best experts in meteorology. It has patterns but doesn't always follow them. It’s a puzzle with no picture on the box and all the pieces are the same. Frankly, weather is weird!

There are hundreds of weather apps available on the market trying to make sense of it all and most people have at least two on their phone. While other weather apps with various reporting features serve as a utility for daily planning, the problem is that none of them are built for fun. There are no weather games or platforms that give people a way to have fun with friends and others while playing the weather. Weather Champs is here to change that. We're building a new kind of weather app - one that is built for having FUN! 


Like a good mystery that craves a suspect, human nature challenges us to predict Mother Nature and “call it like we see it.” Playing weather forecasting games on Weather Champs allows YOU to make your own weather predictions, play against others, win forecast coins, track your accuracy over time and (most of all) have fun trying to earn the Weather Champ title!

Participation Sport.png
What Weather Champs IS


Weather Champs is the first weather app to introduce Daily Fantasy Weather to the market.  Here are the key features to what makes Weather Champs unique:


1) Weather Champs is a fully functioning Weather App.  Like other weather apps, it provides insight into real weather conditions through a hi-resolution weather radar and 7-day extended forecasts for any city in the world.  It allows you to save your favorite locations and even provides free Hurricane Tracking (yes, free!).


2) Weather Champs brings a fresh perspective to weather engagement through Daily Fantasy Weather games.  Predict tomorrow's weather in your hometown or any city in the world and track your accuracy over time.

3) Weather Champs is the first weather app that rewards users for daily use.  Our in-app token, called Forecast Coins, can be earned through daily check-ins, in-app activities and by playing Daily Fantasy Weather games.  Eventually, Forecast Coins will be redeemable in the Weather Champs store to buy merch, clothes, weather stations (WeatherFlow-Tempest for example) and also in monthly sweepstakes. The sky is not the limit! The pledge packages we've designed will help you gain a jump start on building a stack of Forecast Coins!

4) Weather Champs is a platform for all walks of life.  Whether you're a storm chaser, weather enthusiast or simply just check the weather casually, Weather Champs will provide a valuable utility.  Weather Champs will also be the first weather app to offer an e-commerce marketplace dedicated to weather products as well as a social media platform that enables users to share stories, photos and videos of their own weather-related experiences.

Here's the full suite of our product offering:

Weather Champs The Product.png

What Weather Champs isn't...

1) Probably most obvious here is that Weather Champs isn't finished.  We have so many features designed to build into the app and with your support we can make them all come to life!  Every dollar counts and we know with your contribution, Weather Champs can and will be a top weather app on the market!

2) Weather Champs isn't an overly complicated or highly sophisticated weather app, well not yet. Presently, Weather Champs provides just the basics of what a user might need to check their local weather conditions, forecasts and to participate in The Weather Game.  However, we have plans to make significant improvements on the radar and weather data feeds through MapsGL integration from Xweather.

3) Weather Champs IS NOT a gambling platform.  Fantasy platforms are considered games of skill and not games of chance. Weather Champs is a non-monetary based fantasy platform and would fall into the category of games of skill.  We do not offer a real money gaming option. 

Where We've Been

Tropical Chasers, Inc. is a mobile technology company that was established in early 2021 with the goal of developing and launching Weather Champs.  In 2021, our main objective was to complete our due diligence research and design the framework for the app. We met with many attorneys, developers and fantasy gaming experts to gain insight into the Daily Fantasy market.  We conducted a professional quantitative market analysis to survey over 1,000 Daily Fantasy Sports players seeking their feedback on the concept of Playing the Weather. The insight and feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive.  We also raised a bit of capital and set our sails toward building the Minimal Viable Product (MVP).

In early 2022, we kicked off design and development activities. We spent most of 2022 meticulously designing the User Interface (UI) and then developing the source code for both iOS and Android.  In late October 2022 we rolled out the iOS Beta Trials which are currently ongoing. 

What we need funding for...

We have a working iOS prototype that is currently in Beta trials now (if you have an iPhone you can register here to participate in the Beta Trials right now).  We are also working on the prototype of the Android version that should be available very soon. There are still critical features that we need to develop before we are ready to be commercially viable. These features fall into three main categories:

  • Front-end. The iOS prototype currently in Beta trials is a proof-of-concept, but as it stands, it is not quite ready for full commercial launch and we expect it will take several months of development work to be ready for distribution in both Apple and Google Play stores.  There are several UI enhancements we have in development that need finishing touches to make the over all User Experience (UX) unmatched by anything else in the market. 

  • Back-end. Finalizing the software architecture for scalability is a critical component to our overall success. This work is nearly complete, but we need a portion of the proceeds of this campaign to fund back-end development activities.

  • WeatherFlow Tempest API Integration.  One of our top goals is to incorporate Weather Flow API's and connectivity in the app so Tempest owners can integrate their home weather station data directly into our app for personal use. 

Where We're Headed Once We Get Funding

Weather Champs aims to be the most interactive and fun weather app on the planet by giving users the power to test and track the accuracy of their weather forecasting skills.  Provided we reach our goal, backers can expect the following features to be delivered by December 2023:

  • WeatherFlow API integration

  • WeatherFlow Tempest Connectivity in App

  • MapsGL - Enhance Weather Radar Features from XWeather

  • WeatherSTEM API integrations for WxSports

  • Top Contests

  • Redeem Coins for merch and other products in the WxStore

  • Premium Subscriptions for access to MapsGL and other weather API integrations.

  • Game Expansion Packs 

  • More Weather Games

Weather Champs Games.png

Founders & Advisors

We have a strong team with over 150 years of combined industry experience in Meteorology, Software Architecture, Cyber Security, Marketing, Revenue Operations, Commercial Banking and Capital Markets.

Our Partners

XWeather  currently provides weather data to Weather Champs.  XWeather powers applications for weather-sensitive businesses, providing product managers, developers & data scientists around the globe unique data points they need for success. Companies taking advantage of the XWeather Mapping Platform and Weather API build cutting-edge applications that both generate new revenues and allow businesses to operate more safely and efficiently.

WeatherFlow-Tempest Inc. is a technology company leading the way in the private sector weather industry. Their mission is to help mitigate and control the enormous cost of weather on business and daily life.

WeatherSTEM provides Smart Weather Technology including: Weather Stations, Live Streaming Weather Cameras, Weather Health/Safety alerts and notifications, lightning detection and high heat monitoring, real-time and future-cast Radar.


There are rewards being offered in this campaign that are either in early stages of development or have not yet been developed.  These include Games Passes and Premium Subscriptions.  Presently, we do not have an estimated delivery date for when these features will be available in the app and development of these features are subject to the success of this and subsequent fundraising campaigns.  If we are unable to meet our fundraising goals, product development will be delayed which will delay delivery of these rewards.  We are committed to get all development completed as quickly as possible and as funding permits.

We would like to clarify that making a donation to Weather Champs and obtaining the "Producer" status does not entail acquiring any equity interest or ownership rights in the company. Weather Champs is immensely grateful for the support of its valued donors and offers the "Producer" designation as a token of appreciation and recognition for their generous contributions.

For merch rewards such as the stickers, t-shirts and hoodies, please allow us 4-6 weeks from the time you pledge your support to deliver these items.  We will work to get out each order as quickly as possible, but you have any questions about the status of your order you may contact us at

Thank you!

We'd like to thank you for your interest in and support of Weather Champs! What started as just a fun idea between two friends has grown and progressed to where we are today on the verge of launching Weather Champs into the global app marketplace. We have received so much help along the way and we appreciate any financial support you can provide.  We're excited for you to join us on this journey and can't wait to see what we can all accomplish together.

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